Saturday, March 16, 2013

It could ever return what once was

Sometimes I remember stuff, forgotten are archived mind, and that for reasons unknown sometimes out in front of me without any warning.

I think everyone has had happy moments, and finally, worthy to be relived. I for one, are no exception. I want to relive, to turn back time and relive the real way, not only in my memory. I know that you can not, then I wonder: could you ever taste the sweetness shred?

Maybe not, most likely not. But even lick the plate, to relive today then shred even with its changes with it. That is until it is too late, cacu not all people live forever, nobody really does, at least not yet, not now.

One of the advantages of having a blog is and he can write some stuff you can not tell someone face to face, as a man would begin bombardment of questions: what, how, who, when, why? There are things that remain in our minds, and I do not mean obsessions or idiotenii, but the feelings, the emotions, feelings, desires, dreams. And they are mine, and mine only because they represent me. Who thinks that man is an open book wrong, everyone has something of something so personal, intimate, once discovered by others that will make him feel empty and desolate.

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