Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's hard to say Thanks!

Beautiful and normally would to thank those who help us with something,whatever that something. It seems that in some cases it is difficult to say the word: thanks. Probably because in some cases we believe that we deserve help. We believe that we deserve it, or finally, that glimpse of something.

My wife, who takes care of children's education, because I'm more left, try to print this, to teach them to thank for everything. However, I see that it is quite difficult. And if a child refuses to multumesca, although no word
out of his mouth is greau because he Turu mouth all day, I think they are great people and harder. Maybe if a big man pride is the problem.

However, you should learn that we demean thanking not descend from the throne of gold that we sat, but we are polite. Often elsewhere-ntramavi Thank you, but you really need to make us feel uncomfortable. Maybe exercise alone in front of the mirror, a monologue, and "thank you"! said a hundred times a day will help with this problem. Maybe now depends on the level of pride.

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