Sunday, March 3, 2013

Liberties, disasters and more crowded

I'll start with the last word in the title of the post, with crowds.

With each passing day, increasingly more people feel on their skin such as time flies faster, maybe too quickly. Of course not for everyone. I have colleagues who complain of boredom at home. I do not understand how a man can get bored, how can not find something to do, but whatever.

I have been extremely busy the past two weeks, and for life, and her financial is becoming harder, I have to struggle to survive somehow, me and my family. So in those two weeks I had the status of a guest house, which is left in the morning and returned at night.

As there is a law, "nothing is lost everything is transformed" so there is a law, "nothing happens without a purpose." And because we are busy increasingly more because they do not have time to breathe, maybe there is something here, something final results narrowness of mind, because all the time preoccupied with the material look easy, easy, spiritual side.

And because TACAM be completely we can expect in the not too distant future a few large-scale disasters. Of course there were great tragedy and will be, only that there were many, one after another. However, the greatest tragedy consists not natural disasters, but in the human. Because of how technology has raised the standard of living in civilized countries, the more you can see the contrast between wealth and poverty West Third World. West and close your eyes to the suffering of their fellow men, 2 billion of their fellows.

Selfishness and indifference probably do that when I'm at the table feasting on delicious food and I do not hear the baby's hungry whimper my neighbors. Maybe the rich West will soon become his curse. Or maybe not, maybe the West will become even more arrogant in richness of material and decide one day that you have to somehow remove those who break the harmony, the sarantocii unworthy of mercy EU and U.S..

And another disaster, another tragedy that lies at the door: the freedoms we have today will soon become a dream.

As long as the common man does not love freedom above the bowl of soup, as long as stepping over corpses to achieve his own goal every day is an idea worthy desirable, as long as the models are hahalerele enriched society overnight, so While good and beautiful things are boring and arrogant fagots tends to be proud of modernity, as long as .....

Even though I worked hard in the last few days, I allowed my mind to idle, but we looked a bit I want to do in the future. Among the many plans (many will remain safe on the status of the initiative) I thought about online activity. And as Pato have chosen a niche, I'll copy a bit: I mean I have a niche, one that will include more spiritual side of life but also its implications in society. Reason that line my blog will change a little, not too much, because it's me: Peter.

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