Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My life is not like mine

I was born yesterday, and today is a grown man. Quite mature.

Everything went so fast! I've heard that somewhere, but today when I stopped a moment and looked back with all, like yesterday I was a child, and today ...... God everything went so fast! incredibly fast. And if I have done anything.

As I can not do something soon of my existence. Although we did some things that others would not do in thousands of years, some can not even dream of, and yet too little.

But what is most frightening is that something is wrong. I have moments when I feel, I know, that's not my life that's not my job, I live another life, to another. To be just in my mind? I do not even know what else I could have done in my life, I guess a lot taller, entertaining, full of heroism. And yet, although I do not see what, I think I can protect my head I do not want to show me the other side, have the other version, do not get into despair.

But if my life is not mine, then whose is it? Whose life I live, and above all: who lives my life, my fate?

PS SG1, what movie!

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