Saturday, March 23, 2013

Open Letter to Simina

Simina dear,

Do you listen to music on YouTube for 2 years. About you but I do not know much, actually I did not know until a few days ago when I read an article in, namely site (but see they deleted the article.)

There I learned something, namely that a part of the Evangelical Alliance, and finally makes. I am a man of the world, how they speak there, but a man beyond all and everything wholeheartedly believe in God. I found in the Bible. Maybe you did it sometime, or who knows.

We all have our little weaknesses, you yours, I have mine. But I tell you one thing: if you ever give up cigarettes, I'll do for God, not for money, not health, not because any law will require it. I say this because in the 34 years of my life I knew nothing more beautiful, more sublime, more worthy to be loved and appreciated than God, as we see in the Bible, and all around us.

I said from the beginning that you listen to music on youtube, and whenever I feel stressed or pressed heavy things, your music calms me. You're like an angel that I sing my soul, giving me calm and safety. Do not judge, because the Bible teaches me not to judge me, even though this blog often expressed my opinion beyond ethical limitations, I admit. I'm human, fallible man. And so do you. But who is not? If we did not need holy atoning for a messiah savior.

Years ago I went to my head on the wrong track, and that despite all the people that told me that it is not good. And it hit me bad, worse is that I hurt others. And even today can not fully understand the troubles that we have caused others, people whom I have not seen since, but have stuck with me in remembering a bad memory.

All we want to do more, we want more, dream more than it should. But is this dream going somewhere? When you are sick and dying all the money in the world can not do anything, when you sink in mud and you lose all friends and fans, when I get sick of all the bar when you're all alone, who are you then? When desperate cry rises beyond the clouds of heaven but nobody listens, what will you do then?

The world wants her, you want her church. But you can be much more. I may not be able to give advice, but I do still: "Do not let the pleasure of a moment to kidnap you beautiful your destiny!" And your destiny is to be a VIP, but to live eternally with him that he His life for you.

Maybe your extraordinary talent more than tempted, but I think there may be something more than he that is all. A handful of silver and some applause, about this is summed musical career. Q7 and apartments in the center, or maybe a villa with swimming pool, just like you a few years Bucaram them both. How is some years compared to eternity?

And stars may fall. That's right, who said that he knew what it says. Doctors who come to eat from garbage, doctors Cres their bread, singers evicted from the house, etc.. But beyond the secular world, in the spiritual - how many of those who today are pillars in theology will be Imaparatia God? Too few, unfortunately. And when? Speaking of the faithful has also been used? But we are not judges, we just observe, and that does not do too well.

Each to look at him. You're not a guinea pig, a subject of study, but a person. A person for whom Christ died. What you decide is your choice. Though I would love that one day in the afterlife, I had the honor to meet you.

I wish you good health and wisdom!

, An admirer of your music.

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