Sunday, March 3, 2013

People's Salvation Cathedral arrogance behind

Romania only

Nation's Salvation Cathedral will heliport?

So I heard on the radio today. And who commented news wondered: "what i would use a heliport? Cherubim descend to? "

Perhaps the joke was not successful, but it got me thinking. Really: what he must heliport? I failed all day to unravel the enigma, b
ut who am I? A simple ordinary mortal.

I have not seen with good eyes also building a giant. And I'll tell you why.

Is the crisis, and with this money we raised some schools or hospitals. If the Church wants to make an impressive monument to make donations not public money, because 50% of Romanians disagree.

However this is not the boil. Buba is different, as is the Cathedral Church MAIN its great believers to God, but of arrogance. Does the chief BOR have never read the Bible? I think. Not the other but each Luturghie have Holy Gospel in hand. And it says in the Gospel of Christ?
Matthew head. 8, vs. 20 But Jesus answered him, The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.

Yes. Son of Man who is the Son of God does not have a place to leave their head. Moreover, the Son of God had nothing earthly material things in life than the shirt on him.

And priests who consider themselves followers of Christ, who should follow in his footsteps, not only have closets full of clothes, BA and thick in bank accounts, cars were cars and luxurious villas. To make matters worse And I still want to flaunt wealth and by a monument. As if not enough colossus Parliament House on indications made another megalomaniac!

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