Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pray that your flight may not be in winter or on a Sabbath day

Pray that your flight be not in winter or on the Sabbath.

This Bible verse foreshadows a future event, a catastrophe, a siege, a state of general emergency. Be a war, a cataclysm, an urgent need beyond our imagination.

In one scripture are concentrated many aspects, so many that can not be written all in just a blog. Moreover, I do not understand the whole significance of it.

Winter is hard. Especially hard. Collapsing house and stay in the open, in cold and blizzard, really hard. It's also hard to escape the winter, even if you try to leave town with a Q7, it would still be difficult, because everyone wants to flee the city, danger, and would automatically block roads, jeep gasoline would end soon, and ... Anyway, winter is difficult, terrible. Plus ... run, run, but where are you running?

Sabbath (Saturday). Why Saturday will be hard? What is different Saturday Sunday or Monday, or Tuesday, or another day?

Trying discovery enigma get in trouble. Saturday was the Sabbath day of the Jews and Christians of the first centuries. The 200 years began to celebrate I Day of the week (Sunday), and then after 300 years Sunday became mandatory in the Roman Empire. Thus, today we have in Christianity as a holy day of rest on Sunday.

There is a principle of the Bible: The Bible does not contradict itself. Though we understand sometimes wrong and it seems to have found contradictions in the Bible, they do not exist. If there is that this book is not from God.

The logical conclusion would be: Saturday is the day of Christ recognized the Sabbath day of rest for Christians. The rest is Can-Can.

And another thing. Yeah. I not want to add anything to what is written in the Bible, but to bring in a topical discussion. Besides winter and Saturday, there's baggage. For some of us gather treasures on earth. And no treasure in banks, but in things, things that delight the senses, which are tangible: clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, tools of all nations, thousands of books (you do not ever read), and finally, many other things we tie the soul, just like Lot's wife. (Geneza19-16), and it's hard to escape road with luggage.

PS I tried to make a complex article, but I wrote some ideas on this Bible verse that I read and I'm a bit puzzled. Normally it would be much to say besides this topic, but if I have written thousands of words I do not know who has patience these days to May read something so long.

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