Saturday, March 16, 2013

Romania 60 years from now

Romania 2060: the poorest in the EU, the aging and fewer children in the Union Source:

An interesting article, but otherwise I see the future of Romania over 60 years. To analyze!

Greece is on the go, but almost always as great empires have fallen in feet, less Babylonia, but this is another story, Greece will be helped by the EU, that will give alms, will erase debts will not do so because of EU economy is down.
Not the same thing will happen with another country, smaller country that has a history of conquest, say Romania, a country that does not matter much. So that Romania will have to handle how, if possible. Workforce has, for all EU countries "repatriation" Romans ... it happens: the Western lazy will run out of Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, etc., and will have to seize the job. This will throw off European economy, so the losers will call again pauper.

But, as in Romania birth rate is the lowest in the EU, over 60 years will be fewer, that we will be in life, we do not, that's certainly our children. Why we're less is simply no longer bear children. However become barren overnight Romanian women? Hard to believe. Or become Roman men sterile? Unlikely Again. It means that something is happening, something that will be studied in history classes, more than 100 years.

And how beautiful country Romania (shame it is inhabited!) Will have a tiny population, will have as much land instead. Land to be occupied by foreigners. What foreigners? Well that EU now have high birth, and who will no longer have a place to make their home. And that the money coming here, the Romanian economy will blossom as' fungus after rain ".

So our country's golden future, and we do not even realize it.

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