Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trying to understand all

Before trying to decipher the mysteries of the universe, what are quasars, which are black holes, spirals, galaxies, Tachyon, and other such mysteries, we should try to understand why we are hungry. And how is it that we have food in the refrigerator.

From where we have food?
Usually we buy it from a store.

How we buy it?
Well, either with chash money or with a credit card.
And the store from  where has food?
The store buy food from the companies specialized in distribution. And distribution companies buys from manufacturers.
Who are the producers?
Producers are farms, orchards and food manufacturers (those who processes food).
It's hard to work in agriculture?
Yes. Depends on the technological level.
How vegetables come  out of the ground?
It is a mystery. The mystery of life. Any other explanation we will offer is in vain.
But we still talk in scientifically way.
Yes. Even science admits mystery. As I said: Mystery of life. Exactly like the mystery of appearance of life on Earth.

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