Sunday, March 3, 2013

TV movies. - Drama for drama

Television is appreciated not only for news and documentary programs, but primarily for movies. And we have dozens of kinds of films called kinds: types. Thus: comedy, action, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, humor, horror, romance, erotic, porn, education, family, children, spiritual, political, etc., and not least drama.

Understand man to look at all the genres, almost all but the drama? Why are you looking at a movie drama? Was either because your life is a deep pink and you want to see and the dark side of the moon. Maybe your life is a mess, a
prolonged drama, and maybe watching a film that shows drama console yourself with the idea that others are not only smashed?

My guess is that enough drama in this world do not deserve to see you again in movies. Why did I do it? To fuel our contempt for life, in order to annihilate the last shred of hope? Better not see a science fiction movie? At least there you know it's wrong, no applicability in real life, and that's it.

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