Saturday, March 9, 2013

Virginity and fertility

Two things bind. Two things soak them in silly modern society.

1. Virginity. Believe that over 80% of citizens under 50 years of urban considered virginity as something bad, something that must escape as quickly, which somehow Ajuga not a young or young at age.

Became so entrenched that matter, for they know not what else to call it, that when someone says that X is virgin or virgin at 17 years, everyone believes that there is something wrong with the young or young in case.

2. Birth. Though fashion is great sex with who will be sex to be Romanian citizens are increasingly fewer children, exceptions being ethnic Romanians, and some remote areas in Moldova. So. Great modern crowd, as considered increasingly novel, do not have time or money for children. For a child grows hard, but 5 or 6, impossible.

Now, nah! Each does what he wants on his TARLAUA. However, how is it possible that the whole world, almost all, you get to say light darkness, and darkness light. How come there, that moral values sacredly kept for thousands of years, today they are considered outdated, obsolete nonsense that should not be taken into account.

At the opposite pole we find a jack with rigid thinking that believes that sex before marriage is a sin, but a good foot (excuse the expression) makes all the money. Meaning, a kind of snot in beans. What I'm gutter what I'm mud?

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