Saturday, March 16, 2013

We can not tell the truth

"Truth really is an enigma, and if anyone still he will discover he should be killed at once, lest the plague to spread."Peter Derscanu

Because scholarly words and definitions do not know to express myself, here is an example, a fictional story, but teaching logic.

A young man from Bucharest, baking sick, gathered in 30 years of life all serious diseases, including diabetes, epilepsy, tachycardia, and others. And as he seeks a cheap solution to address their health, trying all sorts of remedies empirically, or rather natural, in his kitchen making all sorts of experiences, one day discovered a cure, miracle cure.

A crushed pepper and sprinkle a fresh glass of wine., Left until the next day. The result: in just three weeks to heal his medical problems.

Now, noticing a thing he ran to his family doctor and told him everything. But the doctor looked like a freak, and said not to caste OTV eyes all night. Wearing disappointed or family doctor went to other doctors, but the same answer. Then went to press, the newspapers, on TV., Nothing. He began writing on her blog, but he had little traffic on the blog, plus nobody believed that.

So he left the country, from his grandparents. Here many people were sick, especially the elderly, and how he presented his solution as something real, something that healed him, and how villagers believed him because deh! was in town, and he knew something, slowly, slowly, people began to heal.

The news began to go like the wind, and in a few weeks everyone knew about it. Even the press, seeing thousands and tens of thousands of people who claimed to have been cured with pepper and wine, began writing as besmeticii. Pagabuti only people were doctors, who every day pierdeu patients, and pharmacies.

How we live in the internet age, and as distance between countries consists of a single click, the news reached all over the world. Every day tens of thousands of people accept the solution simple and natural, and miraculously healed. Thousands of professionals have started doing tests to try to understand why and how.

Just half a year after the discovery of the miraculous medicine, five major pharmaceutical companies went bankrupt, and others struggling between life and death. The same intamla and pharmaceutical chains and pharmacies. Day by day, more and more people drop the doctors and pharmacists.

One day all the newspapers, radio, television, websites, blogs, and everything is official media release sent to WHO - World Health Organization, supported by many other organizations:

"With six months ago in Romania, a young man discovered a drug. A drug that creates the impression of rapid healing, but medium-term side effects are devastating. Drug in the human body produces a virus, a virus suffer genetic changes each time is taken up by another man. Risk of this virus to cause a global outbreak is imminent.

Therefore recommend prohibition of such treatment, and also recommend his promotion ban on any media or other means. We recommend all States to take measures that are due in such cases, when the planet is in danger security, and to annihilate any danger. "

Conclusion: Truth must stop, by any means. Truth is a contagious disease that must be annihilated in the bud.

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