Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We have a short memory

Maybe there are people with an excellent memory, sparing in their minds all kinds of stuff, but still can not remember anything. I think the first years of school, class 1. A lot of colleagues, and of all do not remember even one. Little bits going through my mind, but weak, vague, without a clear picture can be shaped.

But even later in 8th grade. Something, remember something, but too weak, too distant to talk about a colleague, what he likes, how he looks, too little.

Then the army. From there I have some memories, but I see good pictures though, can not bind any sense, anything. Everything is just a movie, without any emotional, with absolutely nothing, just some moving images.

Is it time to blame? Or brain that has the ability to store large amounts of information so?

Surely there is not even a year, a year in which at least one day was not special, not just for me but for everyone, every man in this world. Each in his right. And when that day ended I said

"God will never forget this day!"

But I forgot it! Other days "came out and they took the place of importance in our minds.

Still remained a memory, something I can not forget. Something was bound too much, and of course it is a person of the opposite sex. But that's another story.

I wonder, yes, again, do it. How would our lives of ordinary people, if we had the ability to memorize everything, even a simple vibration, and the millisecond to process all this information? There would be room for emotions, ideals, dreams?

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