Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why are children born sick?

This question did not come from my mind, but it is on the lips of millions of people around the globe.
Why children are born sick? or Why children die?

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a person is to be compelled to bury their child. And even that would not want anyone not even want to think about it. God forbid anyone of such a tragedy!

Probably the second most serious would be the birth of a child with a particular syndrome or other problems.

When my wife became pregnant a second time, the doctor recommended not to take charge. Still kept her. All doctor recommended to do a 3D and will see if there is anything to abort. My wife did the 3D nor aborted. And here, today, 4 years later, Daniel is healthy and happy.

During the time of birth we asked a thousand times: "O Lord! If you be sick? Ask this question because medical recommendations, but also because of the treatment they follow my wife treatment for life. (Do not go into details.) And I still wonder what we would do if indeed the child would be nasut sick?

I watched for girls twins, read daily about the thousands of sick children who are forced to take days like this, or others who need hundreds of thousands of dollars for surgery. Pity with all my heart those children and their parents, and if I had permission to help them I'd do it, but are too small.

It amazes me people indifferent to these tragedies. Many think that if they did not touch anything on the signs that the worst hit have a specific fault, otherwise nothing bad happens to them. Others believe that it must be, as it is written in the stars. Poor stars! Of them could speak, they would tell you how many people have seen this!

I wrote this article to give an answer, because you do not know. Why children are born sick? Only God knows. For those somehow believing everything has a purpose. For those who want to blame someone, do accusing God, although they do not believe in Him. For atheists it is a hazard. From a scientific standpoint it has to do with something, just like now is a great unknown. And last but not least for indifferent: so what?

One thing is certain. We are all people. Any of us could be in place of the afflicted. There are no better or more worthy, or worthy so as to be shunned by tragedy. But I was circumvented. And this should tell us something. A. In our mind.

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