Saturday, March 9, 2013 does not allow Adsense

Even if there are no more money with Adsense in Romania, though it was beautiful there in the sidebar. But how on vs AdsenseAdsense do not work, meaning they can but in certain circumstances, you better let losers.

Suppose that tomorrow I have a job. (As if my current salary would count - go to work to get where coming home, rates and bills, her mother's job.) And as I like blogging but so far I have not had enough time, suddenly I time to blog. And I want to "live" like a king blog.

What I do not like to write articles advertorials, or to order, Adsense was a good option. For the affiliations banners, not cram one to buy, so zero commission.
So it would be a variant selling space, namely leasing. How where? The RIGHT up. How? Well 1000Euro. What's more?

Everything seemed a nice Adsense. No? A little way but surely.
PS My brother: they say to take my domain and host. Eh! I do not want, and end!

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