Sunday, March 3, 2013, a good choice

Many bloggers have chosen domain and hosting but not all have been pleased. Perhaps the can cause problems, only once a year, but hosting .... Well since Uncle Google said it will penalize sites that load slowly, or work with "breaks"why bother keeping a blog server weak? So why pay for hosting, be it cheap, if one offered by is free and without problems?

True as paid hosting can make WordPress plugins, the themes chosen, with different scripts with Adsense with and so on But if a paid service is less than one free, why would not choose this one for free?

For example, ( teacher ) gave the domain and pay for hosting that offered the largest free blogging platform. Me, I beat this thought, but I think I already have several items on the current index, I have a PR-3 (as a count this!?!?). I do not know, but I really wonder: If that free is better, why bother giving money and one weak?

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